Official Galaxy S5 Accessories Out For Pre-Order

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Ever since the launch of most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014 it has become the hot topic in the gadget world. Still the craft is just open for the pre-orders and it is hitherto to hit the market with its awaited public release on 11th of April.The popular retailer has got a hold on numerous accessories of the device. These are open up for pre-orders, though a little pricey. Mobile Fun has disclosed the official Samsung products on their official website. Though, these are a little bit costly and not the cheaper one as expected and you can make a pre-order. Official Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories include:

Galaxy S5 Protective Hard Case Cover Plus
Galaxy S5 S View Wireless Charging Cover
Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip Wallet Cover
Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Cover Case

First in line, we have official accessory named Protective Hard Case Cover Plus. It is offered in Grey colour. It is a scratch resistance and comes in a slim & a cool looking shell. It is obtainable at £19.99.

The next product is the Galaxy S5 S View Wireless charger cover. This case has an S View window along with wireless charging back. It is offered in Black & White options. It is priced £54.99.

Followed by Galaxy S5 Flip Wallet Cover. It comes in varied shades of colours including Glam Pink, Blue Black, Rose Gold, Blue Topaz, and White. The cases fit in the new glam look of the craft and proffers varied options for the handset. It is offered in £29.99.

Last but not least the Galaxy S5 S-View Cover Case does not offer wireless charging and are slightly cheaper than the S View Wireless charger cover. It also has a variety of colours same colour range as Flip Wallet Cover. It is offered for £44.99.

If you are interested in buying these official accessories for the Galaxy S5 and if money is not an issue with you then you can make pre-orders for these by heading towards the official website of the retailer.

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On March 8, 2014
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